We are guided by the 5 Practices of The Leadership Challenge (TLC) in developing Cedarians as they progress from discovering self, to leading a team, to being an active contributor who can influence their peers within and beyond school.
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The Leadership Challenge is a useful guide for becoming the kind of leader that other people want to follow.  It is unpacked into the following 5 Principles to enable Outstanding Leadership:
1. Model the Way: Taking personal responsibility and setting an example of the behavior one would expect of others.

2. Inspire a Shared Vision: Providing an inspiring vision and sharing that vision among their team so that everyone is on board and motivated.

3. Challenge the Process: Challenge the way things are done, meeting adversity head on, and taking advantage of opportunities to lead their peers.

4. Enable Others to Act: Engage others to join them on their quest(s). Fostering collaboration and trust.

5. Encourage the Heart: Genuinely care about their team, and letting them know it.
Using this 5 Principles in conjunction with the CLE philosophy, we have developed a tiered leadership approach using the Framework shared below.
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At the broadest Self-Leadership level, all Cedarians are exposed to TLC through vendor led programmes during Orientation and Beyond Classroom Learning Days. These exposures are reinforced through meaningful discussions during Student Leadership CCE lessons at various touchpoints through the year.

Cedarians get opportunities to take on formal and developmental leadership positions within the Class Executive Committee, CCAs, VIA groups or Leadership Boards. Once they have this opportunity, they will move onto the Team Leadership level where they will receive more targeted training to give them exposure and experience on working with diverse groups of people with Courtesy and Honesty.

Selected students in these leadership boards may then be selected to be part of the Executive Committees where they will move onto Thought Leadership. Overseeing other leaders, they will have to Persevere and the experiences that they gain here will be extended to lifelong skills that they will possess in their leadership journey beyond Cedar.