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Social Innovation Awards


Cedar wishes to recognise students who have demonstrated the disposition and mindset of a social innovator, and have successfully developed and implemented novel solutions that have significant impact in meeting the needs of the community. This is in line with our school’s vision of ‘Bringing Out the Best in our People: Social Innovators, Passionate Learners’.

Details of Award
The school will be awarding up to six social innovation awards annually to deserving students. The recipients may have worked on projects at the group level or at an individual level. Students can choose to execute the project during a school-based programme (e.g.: Project Work, Imagineering Programme, VIA project, academic-based project), or through a self-initiated effort outside of the school’s formal curriculum structure. Nominees should provide adequate documentation of their project, and will undergo a panel interview comprising school personnel and industry experts. Recipients of the award will be commended during the school Speech Day ceremony. 

2020 Social Innovation Award Recipients

Our distinguished panel of JUDGES
Ms Christy Davis
Executive Director
Singapore Management University
(Lien Centre for Social Innovation)

Ms Emily Ong
Asst. Executive Director
Design Singapore Council

Mr Jonathan Chang
Tech Entrepreneur
Investor,  Advisor & Lecturer

Ananya Vijay Krishnan (4S), Sanjana Shanmugasundaram (4C), 
Lim He Althea (4A), Claire Chong Jing Yi (4A)


Isabel Desiree Sivanesan (3H), Liang Yu Ting, Joie (3P), Sheryl Ng Wenhui (3H), Siew Jia Hui, Janelle (3H), Tan Hui Ru Rany (3C),  Tan Megan (3M)

Chai Gien Kay (4P), Lee Sze Ryn (4P),  M S Sudikshaa (4P),
 Tabitha Chia Xiu Lin (4P),  Tan Jing Wen, Kellie (4P)

Ang Nian Ci (4O),  Rajadharshini Nedumaran (4I), Lim Qianwei (4Z)

Lee Chaewon (2O),  Lim Hui En Audrey (2O), unice Chong Kai Xin (2N) 

 Nxplorers 2020

Shell NXplorers is an innovative educational programme that introduces young people to the complex and creative thinking needed to bring about positive change. Focused on the Food - Water - Energy Nexus, the programme aims to build awareness on current issues faced around the world, develop knowledge and apply thinking tools and complex problem solving skills to the leaders of the future.



IvP 2020 
Innovation Programme (IvP) provides students with a unique learning opportunity to develop their problem-solving and thinking skills. Through the program, students are given opportunities to develop their creativity and imagination.


2019 Shell N-Xplore Competition- 2nd Prize
Year 3 Talent Development SI students won an all expense trip to a country of their choice to deepen their knowledge on STEM and Engineering

2019 Tan Kah Kee Merit Award Recipients
The Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award seeks to stimulate creativity among the young generation and to promote scientific and technological research in Singapore. This annual event encourages our youths to use their knowledge and skills imaginatively and with daring innovation to solve problems faced by the society.

The SpillCatcher
To help elderly patients with Essential Tremors to hold cups steadily and drink beverages without the fear of spillage, one group of Cedarians prototyped a detachable double layer saucer which is able to contain spillage while the user is drinking. For their innovative idea, the Cedarians were awarded the Merit award and presented their project at the Tan Kah Kee Young Innovators’ Fair 2019. 



Kok Kit Yan Chavelle (4I), Thantry Neha Biju (4P)

2019 Social Innovation Award Recipients

Chin Ying En (3S), Emma Oh (3M),  Sarah Faith Teo Rui En (3I), Tiffany Lauryn Lau (3H), Nur Qistina Binte Arman (3H)

Tamil Group - Anakaputhur Kannan Vaishnavi Laksume, Ho Hui Mei Joie, Nizar Sukayna Fathima, Sharon Ashok, Sharon Kanishma
Chinese Group 1 - Ng Jie Yi Andrea, Jolene Koh Geak Ling, Kareena Shanice Kumar,
Low Xin Hui

Chinese Group 2 - Joey Lim Zi Yi, Audris Tay Zhixuan, Emma Hope Ong, Lo Hau Yau (Yovanna)
Malay Group - Prisha Kaur Laxmisounthria Selvam, Delia Tan Hwee Cheng, Khaliesah Ulfah Binte Ibrahim, Nur Hanisah Binte Mohamad Ibrahim, Precia Lam Mun Shan

Kaaviya Pandiyan (4C), Naadiah Bte Mohamed Ibrahim (4C), Marie Goh Hwee Keng (4C), Wang Tianyun (4C), Vallii Priya D/O Sundararaj (4C),  Rajkumar Swetha Nancy (4C)

Rui Min (4N), Kang Kaiyu (4O), Liu Yimei (4P)

Tanya Lua (4N), Vanessa Ann Lim Hui Mei (4N), Ng Xuen Yi, Alexe (4Z), Chua Zi Rui (4Z)

2019 Pruderudential Young Trailblazers
Young Trailblazers is an innovation and entrepreneurship competition that aims to spark innovation by challenging participants to devise real solutions to real problems. By engaging students in design challenges spanning across different industries (e.g. healthcare, volunteerism, environmental issues) to improve the lives of people, students are given the opportunities to develop various life skills such as teamwork, marketing and pitching. 

In 2019, two groups of Cedarians participated in the Prudential Young Trailblazers. One group promoted their solution of a handphone application that acted as a catalogue to families to various popular events and activities near them that they could participate in together. The judges of the competition liked the intuitive layout and built-in booking features of the application, which would have enabled families to not only conveniently find events that suit their schedules and needs, but also purchase their tickets within the application. This group advanced to the finals of the competition that year.


Cedar Dynamics - Ho Wen Xuan (3A), Chin Zi Xuan Sharlene (3C), 
Claire Ella Chia En (3M)
Cedar Fortis - Krystle Koh Xuan Fang (3I), Oh Yi Hui Eliora (3I), 
Faith Chua Hwe Ing (3I), Baswa Sai Dueepti (3I)

2018 Social Innovation Award Recipients 

Be that ______, Stop the discrimination
Students were inspired by volunteering at Singapore Cancer Foundation to come up with a storybook and accompanying doll with removable hair to educate students to be more sensitive to those who are different from them (e.g.: youth who have cancer). The resources went through several iterations to improve on their usability and aesthetic appeal, after multiple rounds of feedback. The students presented their ideas at the MOE Gifted Education Branch Young Innovator’s Fair, and also to Minister Ng Chee Meng for the School 60th Anniversary Dinner.

Brigette Teo (4O), Lam Kai Yi Karen (4I), Shah Shaily Parag (4Z)

Exercise Cube 
This group of students devised a portable basketball hoop set which helped the elderly actively improve their muscle strength and exercise tolerance. This impressed the staff of Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home so much that they requested for the latest version of the prototype to be used in their physiotherapy room. The students also presented their ideas to educators across Singapore in 2018.

Anumalar Ravi (4I), Landy Ong Jia Ying (4I), Samriddhi Kushwaha (4I)


Chai Gien Lyn (4P), Eshani Gautam (4P), Lim Su Wei (4P), Vijayakumar Sabarina (4P), Koh Jing Ling Amanda (4P)

The Bystander Effect
Two different groups of Cyberwellness Ambassadors created sets of lesson packages and implemented the lessons during the Level 1 and 2 CCE lessons. The ‘By-stander Effect’ lesson package focused on getting students to take a stand towards cyber-bullying, and the students presented their project at the East Zone Cyber wellness Conference and at the International Conference on Teaching and Learning using Technology (ICTLT), both held in 2017. The ‘Psychology of a Bully’ lesson package required students to consider the moral decision-making process that a cyberbully makes.

Dang XinYi Janelle (3A), Deekshya Panda (3H), Nicole Ngoi Zi Jie (3H), Tham Sze Min Rachel (3C), Zhang Zehui (3H)

In 2015, a group of Cedarians created the storybook in Secondary 2 to raise awareness amongst pre-school students to keep beaches clean. The book was professionally developed with the assistance of NEA, and distributed to pre-schools under the South-East CDC. The students carried out further outreach to kindergartens using the storybook in Secondary 4 for their VIA project in 2017.

Valerie Tan (4A), Shuhara Tasneem Bte Sirajudin (4A), Joey Quah (4C), Ling Yu Jun Mazel (4C), Geraldine (4M)