The Centre for Social Innovation

The Centre for Social Innovation is set up to be a nexus for social innovation, to inspire, create and share practice that will instill a mindset and disposition towards innovative practices for social causes.

CSI inc logo

CIS logo 2.png

The foundation for our CSI INC logo is underpinned by our aspirations to enhance society's capacity to act.

This vibrant and youthful design brings out the value of empathy, seen in the colourful shape of a heart, formed by people holding hands, symbolising our community. The overarching heart also represents a soaring eagle, inspiring our students to scale to greater heights as social innovators.

The three letter 'i's in the words 'social innovation' show the journey of how, with the value of empathy, individuals can come together as a community to break new ground and innovate for social good.

Centre for social innovation - the road ahead