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Social Innovation Talent Development

The CREATE acronym embodies the core values of our Social Innovation programme, an essential part of our DNA to support Cedarians’ growth.

YEAR 1 & 2 2021 Global Scholar Program 2021

Through Global Scholars, our Year 1 and 2 students communicate directly in e-classrooms with peers across the globe. This international educational environment connects to more than 17,000 students in 53 cities, creating opportunities for students to build important global and general learning competencies. In the process of engaging with posts and projects of international peers, students learn about other cities and the skills needed to solve a global problem.  

Cedar’s Social Innovation programme is extremely engaging and informative. I have learnt about sustainability and accessibility and how I can play my part to help save the environment. In 2021, we did the global scholars programme which allowed us to interact with students all over the world and learn more about sustainable stores in their cities. Some challenges I have faced would be coming up with solutions to making products with sustainable materials whilst making sure its location is accessible to the public... ~ Avani Moye, 2I 2021

I joined SI TD because I love to innovate and invent things for society. I find Global Scholars very exciting as I get to work with students from different countries and with my fellow cedarians. The Global Scholars Programme has helped me understand the concepts of sustainability and accessibility as well as to know our peers from other countries...  ~Rukmini, 1N


YEAR 2s SUTD challenge

The Schools Challenge Singapore is a STEM-focused social innovation program designed to provide secondary students early exposure to career opportunities in STEM-related sectors by engaging them in a learning journey. The program aims to empower young people with innovative, problem-solving, and techno-preneurial mindsets via a unique design innovation experience.

Through this SUTD programme, we have learnt a lot of new skills. One skill we learnt is how to apply STEM through the workshops that we attended. The two workshops were App Inventor and Mircobit. We learnt coding through the microbit programme and how to make new game apps through the App Inventor programme. Through this program, we were able to experience ideating, prototyping, and selling our ideas. We found it extremely interesting to see how 14-year-olds could think of creative and innovative ideas that can help the society in many different ways... ~ Zermaine Tan and Sonia Joy Kalai, 2M 2021

YEAR 3s Shell Nxplorer

Nxplorers is an innovative educational programme that introduces young people to the complex and creative thinking needed to bring about positive change. It is focused on the Food-Energy-Water Nexus and aims to build awareness, develop knowledge and provide thinking tools and complex problem solving skills to the leaders of the future. 

Our TD-SI students have been taking part in this competition since 2019, and have emerged as second and first runner up in last year's competition, as well as first runner up in 2019.

I took part in the Nxplorers competition in both Sec 1 and Sec 2 and I’m glad to say that it was such an interesting and exciting experience! We learnt how to apply NXtools that were taught to us and also managed to acquire skills like how to pitch our solution effectively to judges...In Sec 2, my group worked on making bioplastics out of food waste, aiming to tackle the food waste and plastic pollution problem that we face in the modern world today. Although the competition was challenging at times, it pushed us out of our comfort zones to maximise our potential and as a team we grew closer and became close friends! ~ Tiffany Tan 3M 2021

I took part in the Nxplorers competition in Secondary 1, 2 and 3! I had an extremely enriching experience, trying to tackle different problems related to the Food-Energy-Water Nexus. In sec 1, my team managed to get into the top 10, and we were super excited and enthusiastic about it! Even though my team didn’t get into the top 10 in sec 2 and 3, we still had an amazing time analyzing real world problems, and making use of the Nx tools [A set of tools which was provided to us by Science centre and shell]. ~ Shivani Balachandar 3P 2021