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Social Innovation Curriculum

Cedar Girls’ Secondary School has a rigorous and well grounded academic programme that prepares our students for the emerging and changing needs of the world. The Social Innovation curriculum complements this with a focus on empathy-driven social innovations. Students are challenged to come up with these innovations using the Design Thinking framework and tools taught to them over their four years. 

Design Thinking is a simple framework that can help us to come up with creative solutions for others. It brings us through 5 stages — Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Testing / Feedback. During Cedarians’ time in Cedar, they will be involved in social innovation projects that make use of Design Thinking. 
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2018 IP3 Imagineering Programme workshop
Our IP2 and IP3 students went through an Imagineering Programme workshop during their Enriched Curriculum. This workshop gave them the opportunity to work with external organisations to create solutions to issues present in society today. The IP2 students followed up with a Gap Fortnight where they presented their ideas to the organisations and further refined them. The IP3 students attended a learning journey at SUTD where some of the best ideas in the cohort were presented. Good job to all Cedarians! 

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