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Talent Development


Talent Development @ Cedar

Talent Development @ Cedar aspires to future help our Cedar Talents develop skills and values, stretch their potential to the fullest, and become outstanding leaders.To achieve this aim, we partner with organizations to organise and coordinate a range of workshops and activities throughout the year throughout the year to cater to the needs of our Cedar Talents.

Our unique CEDAR approach to Talent Development supports talented Cedarians by
C: Connecting them to a community of like-minded peers,
E: Enriching and broadening their perspectives through a series of carefully curated activities,
D: Deepening their understanding in an area of interest through projects and research opportunities,
A: Accelerating their growth by encouraging them to go beyond their comfort zone through participation in competitions,
R: Refining their self-presentation skills in preparation for scholarship applications.

Through this journey, we hope that every Cedar Talent will be stretched and inspired to chart her own path of excellence.

Public Speaking workshop


Forensic Science workshop


Students Dialogue with Eminent Scientists