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Student Leadership Boards

Student Leadership Boards

It is our school mission to nurture Learders of Character. The school believes that everyone has the potential to exercise leadership and effect positive change for the betterment of others. We strive to develop each student to become thoughtful, skilled and reflective leader, who is empowered to further develop her leadership abilities. The following table shows some of the leadership opportunities we cater to students through the various platforms.


Leadership Opportunities

Student Leadership Boards

Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA)

Other Leadership Position

  • Prefect Councillors
  • Peer Support Leaders
  • Monitresses
  • Outdoor Adventure Leaders
  • Sports Leaders


  • Chairperson / President / Captains
  • Vice-chairperson / Vice-president / Vice-captains
  • CCA ExCo Members (Committee heads)


  • National Education Ambassadors
  • Class Committee Members
  • Integrated Project Work Leaders
  • Imagineering Programme Group Leader
  • Sports Day Captains (e.g. House Captains, Cheerleading Captains)
  • Green Ambassadors
  • Ad-hoc Event Leaders (e.g.YOG)