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Health Programmes

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Cedar is committed to fostering good physical, emotional and social health in her people by consciously creating a healthy environment as a means to bring out the best in them.

We aim to:

  • promote and implement activities to promote healthy living and lifestyle among pupils, staff and parents;
  • promote and live the Cedar Culture - People-Oriented, Appreciative & Supportive, Innovative;
  • raise the team morale and bonding in the Cedar Community


Calendar of Events




February Staff Launch of ToGether-In-Fitness (TGIF)
Pupil & Staff Heart Safe Programme (Staff CIP)
Pupil Start of Peer Support Group Meetings
Staff, Pupil & Parent Cedar Fiesta - Food & Fun Fair (Feb 14, Saturday)
March Staff, Pupil & Parent  Home School Link Trip
Pupil Secondary 3 Outdoor Adventure Camp
Staff Southern Ridges Walk Cum Workshop @ Hort Park
April Staff, Pupil & Parent Healthy Cooking Competition
Staff, Pupil & Parent Launch of Evergreen Food Garden
Staff & Pupil International Friendship Day
Staff & Pupil NAPFA
May Staff & Pupil Head Prefect Candidates' Buzz@Canteen
Staff & Pupil Annual Cross Country
Staff  & Pupil Head Prefect Election Voting Day
Staff, Pupil & Parent Home School Link Johor Day Trip
Staff, Pupil & Parent Sec 1 Cook-For-Parents Nite
June Staff SWC Overseas Cruise



Useful Health Tools


1. BMI Calculator BMI (Body Mass Index) is a formula that uses both weight and height to estimate body fat.
2. Calorie Calculator An easy tool to estimate your daily calorie needs.  Excess calorie intake can lead to weight gain.
3. Heart Disease Risk Calculator A simple tool that combines your lifestyle info and health check info to predict your risk of contracting heart disease.
4. Target Heart Rate Calculator Research has shown that moderate target heart rate range brings about greater health benefits.
5. Stress Assessment High level of stress can lead to serious health problems.  Take this test to assess your stress level.
6. Fitness Quiz Try this to see if you truly know about the benefits of fitness and exercise, a must-do for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
7. Cholesterol Reduction Calculator High cholesterol is a major risk factor for coronary heart disease. You can tackle high cholesterol if you understand your risk.


Useful Health Websites

1. Discovery Health A very good website on health!  Lots of interactive media and colourful graphics that entertains and informs.
2. WebMD An authoritative medical resource that caters to the man-in-the-street.  The explanations to most health problems are accompanied by fantastic pictures of the human body.
3. KidsHealth An excellent website for teenagers, especially with its focus on emotional health and physical health.
4. CDC Body and Mind An exciting platform, with its attractive animations and cartoons, for teenagers to find out more about health.