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Academic Talent Development


Academic Talent Development @ Cedar

Cedar Girls' Secondary School aims to provide our academically talented pupils with a comprehensive 3-year programme to nurture talents in leaders of character. 

Academic Talent Development @ Cedar enhances selected pupils' holistic development through stretching their cognitive and affective development, groming them to be potential leaders of the global world.

There are 3 Academies in the Programme, namely Literature, Arts & Language, Humanities and Science & Mathematics. The key features of the programme include:

  • Advanced Academic modules in the disciplines, and Advanced Thinking Skills
  • Mentorship programmes with tertiary institutions and professionals in their fields
  • Affective modules in subjects such as Life Skills
  • Customised leadership training programs
  • Overseas authentic learning experices
  • Community involvement projects


Special Mention Awards for Elderly Competition


On 15 Jan 2011, our Sec 3 (2010) TD girls won 2 Special Mention awards in NUS assistive electronics for elderly competition.

This final presentation competition was held in River Valley High. It was hosted by River Valley High, NUS and Agilent Technologies. The objective of this competition is to generate ideas on how to design assistive electronics to help the elderly with their daily lives.

There were 23 teams in total. Cedar Girls' sent 8 teams of Sec 3. River Valley High sent 3 teams of Sec 3 and 9 teams of JC 1 (IP5).
VJC, RJC and HCI each sent one team.
The judges for the competition consists 2 NUS professors and 2 Agilent Technologies' engineers.
The prizes are $800 cheque for 1st prize, $600 cheque for 2nd, $400 cheque for 3rd and two $100 cheques for Special Mention Prizes.
The 1st and 3rd prize went to River Valley High's JC1 (IP5). The 2nd prize went to RJC.
Cedar clinched the 2 Special Mention Prizes.
They are Group 13: Kimberly Tan, Zealicia Heng and Low Zhi Xuan and Group 16: Chua Jia Ying, Boon Yu Pei, Chen Qiuran and Florence Chua.

Science Winter School Trip to Cambridge (UK)