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Former Principals

Principals who led Cedar Girls from strength to strength


Mrs. M. N. Oehlers (1957-1958)

As the first Principal, Mrs Oehlers laid a strong foundation for the School. She also gave the school its enduring motto “Honesty, Perseverance, Courtesy” and designed the distinctive uniform that is the pride of Cedarians today.

Mrs. P. C. Tan (1958-1976)

The longest serving Principal in Cedar Girls’ history, Mrs Tan oversaw the growth and development of Cedar Girls which forged the unique Cedar identity of self-discipline and unwavering fortitude. Under Mrs Tan’s leadership, the school become known for her academic excellence and sporting prowess.


Mrs. Niva Dutt (1977-1983)

Mrs Dutt introduced many initiatives with the aim of nurturing all-round students. 1977 also saw Cedar Girls being recognized as one of Singapore’s top 20 schools, a testimony of the school’s success in providing an excellent educational experience.


Mdm Tan Chen Choo (1984-1996)

Mdm Tan oversaw the modernizing of the school with the completion of the new school building and facilities. In 1992, Cedar Girls became a single-session school. In 1993, Cedar Girls become one of the Top 10 secondary schools and an autonomous school which allowed the school a provided the school with the flexibility and opportunities to infuse more rigour into its programmes to nurture and challenge the capabilities of every Cedarian.



Mrs Tay Sor Har (1996-2000)

In recognition of the importance of the role of teachers in the education of Cedarians, Mrs Tay put in place a roadmap for the professional development and training for staff at Cedar. The Home-School-Link was also established to nurture a strong partnership with parents in the joint effort to develop Cedarians.



Ms Susan Leong (2001-2005)

Building on the strong foundation, Ms Leong identified the strategic thrusts of the school in the domains of academic value-added, character development and staff development which brought the school to greater heights.


Mrs Ou Yang Geok Cheng (2006-2012)


Under Mrs Ou Yang’s leadership, Cedarians took on a global outlook with the expansion of overseas immersion programmes and innovative use of IT in teaching and learning. In 2010, the school moved into its new renovated campus with enhanced facilities to support the wide range of programmes offered. In 2012, in partnership with Victoria School and Victoria Junior College (Victoria-Cedar Alliance), Cedar Girls became a dual track school offering both O-level and Integrated Programme. The availability of these two tracks means that all Cedarians were given the opportunity to blossom and realise their fullest potential under an education programme that best suit their learning needs.