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The Cedarian Alumni is dedicated to fostering ties between fellow Cedarians. It is driven by enthusiasm and good spirit and will constantly uphold the tradition of Honesty, Perseverance and Courtesy. Once a Cedarian, Always a Cedarian.




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1. To encourage a life-long relationship between the Cedarian Alumni and Cedar    Girls' Secondary School by:

  • Offering whatever assistance that may be required in the School's pursuit of excellence
  •  Acting as a liaison centre between alumni members and present students and teachers of the School in order that the latter may benefit from the advice, experience, guidance and assistance of the members.
  • Preserving a historical account of the School and recording the achievements of its former students, teachers and principals.


2. To promote the common interests of and reunite ex-Cedarians by:

  • Promoting friendship, cooperation, goodwill and solidarity among alumni    members through social, cultural, educational and recreational activities.
  • Extending the influence of the old students, teachers and others formerly associated with the School for the benefit of all.
  • Providing a platform for bonding and networking among members.
  • Fostering among members a spirit of pride, loyalty and love for the Alma Mater.


3. To encourage and instill in members and students an awareness of their role in the community by engaging in activities that will promote the interests and welfare of the School, the Alumni and the Community.

Alumni Exco



Loh Mei Yuen, Anya

1st Vice- President

 Doreen Chan

2nd Vice- President

 Julia Lee

Hon. Sec

 Ho Won Cheng, Regina 

Asst. Hon Sec

 Lim Poh Hia, Alodie 


 Seah-Cheah Sye Mui

Asst. Treasurer

 Tsang Sau Yin

Committee members


Linda Seah 


Ko Lee Meng


 Yan Chin Peng


 Shariffah R. Alsagoff


Dorothy Lim 


 Nur Sakinah Rahmat 


 Chan Wai Yee 


 Agnes Tay 

Hon. Auditors

 Betty Tan

 Ann Naina Leong


To contact the exco, please write to alumnicedar@yahoo.com.sg

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Cedar Connect Recruitment

We are looking for new committee members, pls email Mrs Julia Woo ( lim_ping_ping_julia@moe.edu.sg ) if you/group of friends are interested and are willing to contribute. Manageable/minimum duties. Thank You


Ms Justine Tan - VP - ( cedargirlssec@moe.edu.sg )