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Principal's Welcome  

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A very warm welcome to Cedar Girls’ Secondary School! We are a school that prioritises the holistic development of every girl that comes under our care; a school that is known to be inclusive and for having a supportive environment.

Our school motto, Honesty, Perseverance and Courtesy, reflects the timeless virtues that we wish to imbue in our girls so that they are  ready for challenges. In Cedar Girls’, we give our girls the space to develop honesty and self-awareness about their strengths and weaknesses. In the four years that they are with us, we affirm the achievements of our girls and encourage them to have perseverance when encountering challenges and to grow from their experience. We encourage our girls to exemplify graciousness by treating everyone with courtesy and respect. We believe that these qualities would guide our girls in their thoughts and actions; now and in the future. These qualities also form the basis for our core values of Zeal for Learning, Empathy for Others, Synergy in Diversity and Togetherness as a Family, Community and Nation.

As a dual-track school, we offer the choice between the four-year O-Level Programme and the Victoria-Cedar Alliance Integrated Programme (VCA IP) that spans over 6 years, jointly offered with Victoria School and Victoria Junior College. In both programmes, a forward-thinking curriculum and co-curricular activities are put in place to develop in our girls strong critical and analytical skills in their passion for learning.

Our social innovation programme is a signature programme that our girls will go through. We believe that they have the capacity to contribute to the nation and society. The programme broadens their perspectives and inspires them to create novel solutions that impact the community. They are given opportunities to work alongside industry experts to bring their proposed user-centric ideas to reality.

This year, the school celebrates her 65th year. With a long history of educating girls into women, this next chapter of her growth prepares our girls to become women of character and wisdom to meet the challenges of the future.

Grateful for the support that we have been receiving from our parents, Cedarians, past and present, as well as from the community, we will deepen these partnerships further towards creating a holistic future-oriented learning environment to develop our students. We are committed to inspire and nurture our girls to continue contributing to the community within and beyond the school, becoming Women of Character and Wisdom.

Mrs Chan-Tey Kah Hwee

Principal, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School