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Humanities Special Programme (HSP)

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The Humanities Special Programme (HSP) is a talent development programme for upper years students with a keen interest in English Language, English Literature and the Humanities. The programme develops students through: 

(a) exploring concepts, knowledge and skills beyond the core school curriculum (b) discussing a broad range of issues which will widen students' world view (c) developing students into outstanding critical thinkers and effective communicators (d) providing opportunities for students to explore their areas of interest more deeply 

(e) providing enriching experiences that are not typically available in the school curriculum to broaden students' perspective and deepen learning. 

Curriculum Framework
The HSP Curriculum has four key components:

Rich Experiences
Through exposure to beyond-the-classroom learning, students understand and use the authentic application of the arts and humanities, use thinking dispositions and methods of practitioners, and engage in the struggles and problems of the discipline.

Advanced Skills 
The teaching of Advanced Skills is a crucial component of a curriculum designed for high-ability learners. It involves content acceleration and compacting, proven to be effective strategies for gifted learners. 

Thematic Concerns  

Thematic Concerns form the underlying structure of the HSP modules which are taught over two years. The goal of the thematic approach is to draw explicit links across disciplines and to scaffold the understanding of these disciplines in a structured and systemic way.

Theory of Knowledge
TOK provides a foundational understanding of epistemology, focusing on how knowledge is constructed in different disciplines. Through questioning the validity of different ways of knowing, students are taught to critically evaluate information, as well as to construct and analyse arguments and propositions in a precise, logical manner. 

HSP Certificate
The HSP Certificate will be awarded to students who complete a wide range of experiences and opportunities offered in HSP curriculum. It recognises HSP students' achievements as well as their active engagement in beyond-the-classroom learning opportunities in the domains of English Language and the Humanities.