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Sports and Health Leaders Board

The Sports and Health Leaders Board (SHLB) aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle in Cedar, through their unique board initiatives like GLOW workouts, FitnLit interviews, and Instagram posts. SHLs also organise sports and health-related activities for Cedarians as they believe that these activities are excellent platforms for forging strong bonds, such as the annual cohort-wide Sports Carnivals in collaboration with the PE department. SHLB even has its annual Outdoor Sports Adventure Camp (OSAC), which provides the opportunity for SHLs to learn important leadership skills, and for new SHLs to assimilate comfortably into the board. SHLs further develop their leadership potential through planning and facilitating other school-wide events. These include Staff Day, Youth Day, Year 1 Orientation, Y3 Induction, and Welcome Week for Y2s and Y4s. All in all, SHLB provides the leadership training that grooms SHLs to become enthusiastic and confident leaders. 

 SHLs leading the monthly GLOW (Get Lit On Weekdays) workouts (before relaxation of SMM)
 SHLs leading the first live GLOW workout after relaxation of SMM - April 2022
 Y3 Sports Carnival 2022, facilitated by SHLs
 National Track and Field Cheering, led by SHLs (PRE-COVID)
 Mass Dance during Staff Day, led by SHLs (PRE-COVID)
 OSAC 2019 (Outdoor Sports Adventure Camp - training camp for SHLs held at the end of each year)
 OSAC 2020
 OSAC 2021 (held online due to SMM)
 Celebrating SHLs’ birthdays as a board!
 Farewell for our Y4 SHLs - May 2022 :’)
 Some of our SHLs!