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Peer Support Board

The Cedar Peer Support Board is a group of dedicated student leaders that strives to develop a greater sense of camaraderie among Cedarians. The Peer Support Leaders aspire to inspire their peers, with 'P'assion, 'S'ynergy and 'L'ove. They are always looking for opportunities and platforms to improve the welfare of Cedarians through the various signature events and initiatives implemented throughout the year such as Hearts and Hugs Day, the Welfare and Wellness Week and Thur-iffic Thursdays. These student leaders embody the values of empathy, care and open-mindedness in their leadership for their peers and actively contribute to the student body by organising the Year 1 Orientation Programme, Staff Day Celebrations and many other peer support activities. Through training sessions and board meetings, PSLs are equipped with the skills of mindfulness and self-care which they impart to their peers. In cedar, we spread joy and love everywhere we go!

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