Cyberwellness Programme

The term 'Cyberwellness' refers to the positive well-being of the users of the internet. Through the cyberwellness activities such as Workshops, Assembly Talks, Parent Talks and CME lessons conducted in our school, Cedarians are constantly reminded of the risks of harmful online behaviour and are given practical tips on how to best protect themselves and others from such behaviours. This is extremely important in this Digital Age as pupils have access to the internet 24/7 and must shown discernment in what they surf and respect for those they interact with .

The Cedar Girls' Cyberwellness programme is in alignment with MOE's Cyberwellness Framework ( The framework focuses on developing the child's instinct to protect herself and empowers her to take personal responsibility for her own well-being in cyberspace. With the alignment to the framework.


e.g. Cyberwellness lessons taught in a typical 1-to-1 Computing Classroom: