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School Property

(a) Classrooms

Students spend a great deal of time in their classrooms. All classrooms should be well maintained by the students in order to keep the classrooms clean, students need to:

  • Dispose of all litter in the waste paper baskets in their classroom and dustbins in the school compound
  • Clean the desks, chairs, windows, doors and the walls of the classroom regularly
  • Clean the classroom before the start and at the end of each school day. Students are to pick up litter on the floor, clean the teacher’s table, students’ desks and the white board and empty the waste paper basket
  • Ensure that the desks and chairs are arranged neatly and not defaced. It is a serious offence to deface classroom furniture and the consequence is severe

(b) At the Canteen

Recess time for upper and lower secondary students is staggered in order to cater to the student population. To ensure that food is served efficiently, students need to observe the following:

  • Queue up to buy food and drinks in the canteen.
  • Consume all meals in the dining hall
  • Practise good table manners and clear any food scraps on the table
  • Return all eating utensils, crockery, empty bottles, cups, etc, to the designated receptacles provided in the dining hall
  • Throw leftovers, plastic-wrappers, pieces of paper and empty drink packets into the rubbish bins provided

(c) Special rooms

For safety and security reasons, students are restricted from entering certain areas within the school. Unless they are accompanied by a teacher, or have been given specific permission, students are NOT allowed in the following rooms:

  • HOD Room
  • Staff Room
  • plush Auditorium
  • Arts Theatrette
  • Science Laboratories
  • Computer Labs
  • Design Studio
  • Home Economics Rooms
  • Gymnasiums
  • Music Space
  • Art Space
  • All other Special Rooms (eg. Seminar Rooms)