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Homework Policy

A Cedarian who is passionate about learning will pay full attention to all lessons conducted and participate actively in the activities, including submitting her homework on time and respecting her teachers. This will enable the school to make optimal use of the teaching and learning time as well as develop the students’ potential and talents.

Homework is for the purpose of reinforcing instruction and facilitating learning through application of what has been taught. Homework is any assignment to be completed out of class individually or collaboratively. It can take many forms and may include projects and studying for tests and examinations. It should be submitted by the deadline specified by the teacher. If an extension is needed, the pupil may negotiate with the teacher concerned, citing her reasons for the extension. Students are responsible for finding out from their teachers the work they missed during their absence from class as soon as possible, and make up for the work according to the teacher’s instructions. A student who repeatedly submits her homework late for more than 3 times will be sent to the Reflection Centre. She will be tasked to complete all her outstanding homework in school.