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Attire and General Appearance

The school uniform is an important symbol of identity to the school and is a means to cultivate in students a sense of belonging, loyalty and pride in the school. The way a Cedarian wears her uniform reflects her graciousness, love and respect for the school. All Cedarians are expected to wear their school uniform smartly and with pride.

(a) Uniform

  • Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  • Blouses must be appropriately tucked in and sleeves are not to be folded or rolled.
  • The school skirt must be worn at knee length.
  • Students are not to use elastic bands to tuck in their blouses.
  • The school tie is to be tied neatly at the collar with the first button fastened.
  • The school badge must be worn at all times along with the correct nametag. The nametag must show the student’s full name as reflected in the class register.
  • Other attire (including unofficial T-shirts/clothes) are not to be worn in the school premises unless permission is granted by a teacher e.g. students putting up a skit.
  • Only the Cedar official jacket or any other approved jackets that are either in black or school colours (blue, grey or gold) are allowed. There should be no large branding or advertisements on unofficial jackets - only a small, inconspicuous logo is allowed.

(b) PE attire

  • Students are to wear the yellow school PE T-shirt with the grey school PE shorts.
  • The T-shirt must be tucked in at all times.
  • The PE attire must be worn for both PE lessons and jogging sessions.
  • The grey school shorts must be worn for school’s sports day, VCA Run, inter-class games and post-exam activities.
  • For PE/jogging before recess, students can wear their PE attire to school to attend flag-raising. Thereafter they must change into their school uniform by the end of recess.
  • For PE lessons after recess, students are to wear their school uniform to school to attend flag-raising. Thereafter they must change into their PE attire for PE lesson, after which they must change into their school uniform by lunch, regardless of whether or not they have CCA for that day.
  • During Level/Enrichment/post-exam activities, students can come to school in their PE attire (if permission is given) except on the day when there is ‘Review of Papers’, where students have to be in their school uniform. They can change into their PE attire after these events for the next activity.

(c) Hairstyle

  • Short hair must be neatly combed back, while long hair must be tied up in a single pony tail, bun or braid.
  • No cropped or boyish hairstyles are allowed.
  • Hair clips must be either in black or school colours (blue, grey or gold). 
  • No big hair accessories that attract unnecessary attention are allowed.
  • The fringe should be of appropriate length not touch the eyebrows.
  • Dyeing/tinting/bleaching/highlighting of hair is not allowed.
  • No hair gel or mousse is to be used.

(d) Footwear

  • Only white socks worn at or above the ankles are allowed.
  • No leather shoes, high-cut shoes, slippers or sandals are allowed.
  • Shoelaces must be white and tied in the standard way. No weaving, plaiting, tying at the back of the shoe is allowed.
  • Only track shoes with white base are allowed. If there is any design/logo/minor trimming on the white-based track shoe, they should be small and inconspicuous, and must be either in black or school colours (blue, grey or gold).

(e) Accessories

  • Only one small ear stud in school colours (blue, grey or gold), or short colourless and transparent ear stick, is to be worn at any one time on each of the earlobes.
  • The ear studs must be identical.
  • These should be simple and small so as not to attract unnecessary attention.

(f) Others

  • Fingernails are to be kept short at all times without any nail polish or varnish application.
  • All students are not to wear any make up to school.