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The staff of Cedar works hard to design interesting and relevant programmes so that learning is meaningful and ignites the passion for learning in our students.  Students can only benefit fully from these programmes by being present, punctual and participating actively in all school programmes. Parents are to note the start and end dates of each term in the academic year. All students are expected to be present and to attend lessons during term time, and all other school activities that have been planned for them.

Parents are to call the school office (Tel : 6288 4909) by 8.30 am on the same day of absence to notify the school of their daughter’s absence. Failure to notify or validate absence upon return to school may be treated as truancy and appropriate consequences will be meted out. Truancy is thus defined as :

  • Unreported absence
  • Absence without valid reason
  • Not attending classes or scheduled activities in school (including enrichment lessons, CCA)

Late coming
A student should be with her class by 7.25 am for the morning assembly. The morning bell for school to commence will be at 7.30 am. The school’s main gate will be closed at 7.30 am and students who are not present with their classes when the flag-raising ceremony starts are considered late. All instances of late coming will be noted by the Form Teacher.

Consequences for late coming are:
  • 3rd time : Parents informed of student’s late coming by Form Teacher(s)
  • 4th time : Dialogue with Form Teacher(s)
  • 5th time : Warning letter sent to parents to notify them of student’s late coming. Conduct grade downgraded.