Cedar Behaviour Policy

Our Philosophy
We believe that every Cedarian knows and can learn what is right and wrong. She has personal integrity and is capable of responsible behaviour. We seek to develop strong social and emotional competencies in every Cedarian with an emphasis on the development of moral and performance character. We strive to nurture every Cedarian into a leader of character, who through her actions and behaviour models thoughtful leadership practices and qualities.

The school provides a positive and supportive environment that is conducive to the learning of sound moral values, with opportunities to exercise personal responsibility. Our learning environment is structured so as to enable our students to develop life skills and learn collaboratively. Guided by the school motto, honesty, courtesy and perseverance are values that underpin the way of life in the Cedar community. Together with this, the six school values of moral integrity (our foundation), passion for learning, love for the school and nation, synergy in diversity, culture of graciousness and empathy for social good are the hallmarks of the Cedar learning environment.

As a responsible member of the Cedarian community, every Cedarian is expected to uphold the school rules. Every Cedarian must play her part well and be committed to interact in a positive and mutually supportive manner with others around her. The school also sees parents as key partners in supporting all its efforts to develop responsible and self-disciplined Cedarians.