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Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

In our mission to develop Leaders of Character, we have a holistic character and citizenship development programme which inculcates the values, attributes and competencies desired of Cedarians. School values and virtues are cultivated in the cognitive, emotional and behavioural dimensions of character education through the Head (moral knowing), Heart (moral feeling) and Hands (moral doing) approach in the CCE framework.

The school adopted the 4 KEYS to Excellence and Ethics (Davidson & Lickona, 2004) to build a community that supports and challenges each other in pursuit of bringing out the best in each other. Living the 4 KEYS, school leaders, teachers and students work together to co-create a positive psychosocial environment in the school that supports the development of Cedarians in being ethical and public-spirited citizens.

4 KEYS as a master strategy to develop performance character and moral character:

A Community that Supports and Challenges
Our Cedar community supports and challenges by building group relationships and shared values that encompass excellence, ethics and mutual expectations that hold all members accountable for doing their best work and being their best ethical selves.

We assess our own strengths and areas for improvement and set our own goals and monitor our progress.

We learn from the positive and negative examples of others and apply the lessons learnt to our own efforts to develop performance character and moral character to succeed in life and school.

Public Presentation
We share our goals and progress with Cedarian community and share the products of our work with the community.