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Indian Cultural Society

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Cedar Indian Cultural Society strives to be a platform for students to have an opportunity to show their appreciation for the Indian arts. It is a community where students are able to embrace their culture and showcase their talents.

Our mission is for our members to learn more about Indian Arts and also look forward to coming to CCA and be ardent members of ICS. The members are able to develop their abilities in the Tamil language and their talents in dance, debate, and drama. In debate and drama, members are exposed to real-life issues and global affairs through debating and acting out, which helps them to explicate fluency in the Tamil Language. Debate and drama also allow our members to hone their debating skills and nourish to become confident speakers. In dance, members mostly focus on the traditional Indian art form known as Bharatanatyam. By learning this art form they cultivate discipline, independence, and perseverance in our dancers just like any other art form.

Apart from this, we pursue other styles of dance like Bollywood dances and semi-classical pieces for events such as Cedar Open House, Arts Fest and National Day. Indian Cultural Society has acclaimed many achievements till today in various competitions organized by other schools, as students are passionate and dedicated not only to the CCA but also to the Indian Arts. We also add to Cedar’s pride by clinching top positions in most competitions that we partake.

Cedar ICS has provided many opportunities for the students to espouse their leadership skills through various events such as the biennial SIGARAM Arts Competition that Cedar ICS organizes in collaboration with Victoria School. Through these invaluable experiences, Cedar ICS has enabled us to foster strong bonds with our fellow members, internalize the Indian culture and grow together as one family.

Mdm Jothibai

3.45pm - 6.00pm

2019 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) - Certificate of Distinction