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Guzheng Ensemble

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The Cedar Guzheng Ensemble strives to inculcate a deep artistic appreciation for the 2500-year-old traditional Chinese instrument as well as its History since ancient China. We value teamwork, unity, discipline and commitment, encouraging every member to work together, forge friendships and gain skills that will last a lifetime. As we continue to create music as a team, we hope to move hearts and inspire many others to learn more about this ancestral instrument.

The Cedar Guzheng Ensemble has attained many remarkable achievements through the years, such as the Certificate of Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival 2015 and 2017. We also had the privilege of performing among 5000 performers at the Singapore Chinese Orchestra’s largest ever concert, ‘Our People, Our Music 2014’, which was held at the Singapore Sports Hub.

Under the guidance of our instructors as well as the continuous support of our teachers-In-charge, the members of the Cedar Guzheng Ensemble will continue to do their best and strive for greater heights.

Mdm Sia Lay Choon
Mdm Hu Xiaosu

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
3.45pm - 6.00pm

2019 Singapoe Youth Festival (SYF) - Certificate of Distinction