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English LDDS

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ELDDS consists of two major wings: Drama and Debate. 

ELDDS (Drama) seeks to develop students as performers, playwrights, directors and theatre practitioners. Students are exposed to rigorous training sessions that prepare them for various youth performances, such as the SYF Arts Presentation. This year, they achieved the Certificate of Distinction. Members are also given the opportunity to explore enrichment courses conducted by professional theatre companies and arts practitioners, such as Playback Theatre. The training programmes nurture a love for the performing arts and develop our members in the areas of performance, speech, improvisation and stage management.

ELDDS (Debate) provides a platform for students who want to speak confidently and think critically. With directed coaching by qualified trainers and a wide variety of national competitions and public speaking events to hone their skills, members grow to become polished and eloquent speakers who can confidently examine a wide range of global affairs critically, forming and developing their own opinions and effective speaking styles.

Mrs Gemma Daniel
Ms Zahra
Ms Shahana

Monday and Tuesday
3.45pm - 6.00pm

2019 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) - Certificate of Accomplishment