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AV & Photography Club

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The Audio-Visual & Photography (AVP) Club aims to inculcate passion, teamwork and ownership in our members. Members, otherwise known as The Cedar Crew, are given opportunities to pick up useful skills in event management, such as lights, sound and projection coordination during school events such as the weekly assemblies and National Day Celebrations.

 Students are trained to be adaptable to change and think on one’s feet to ensure AV support runs smoothly during school events. Through photography, students pick up technical knowledge and sharpen their artistic vision when they explore the connection between the eye, the camera and the heart. AVP photographers are also given the chance to learn how to express themselves and stories they want to tell through pictures.

 To broaden their exposure to the multimedia industry, AVP students go on learning journeys to theatres and attend media-related workshops such as DJing, filmmaking and drone photography.


Ms Veronica Chua

Mdm Esther Low

Mdm Lei Hong


Audio-Visual: Wednesday, 3.45pm - 5.45pm

Photography: Thursday, 3.45pm - 5.45pm


2020 2nd Heartstrings of Singapore Photography Competition - 1st and 3rd prize for Student Category in Singapore's Chinese Culture