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Why Arts Education

The Arts and Performing Arts Curriculum is tailored to provide opportunities for our students to be able to Appreciate, Express and Compose/Create works through the exploration of mixed media, forms and the affordance of technology.

Performing Arts Curriculum

Vision: Develop Cedarians into gracious confident young ladies who have an appreciation for the arts

Mission: To provide a holistic 4-year Arts Programme and to teach the Art of Arts Appreciation and Critique to all Cedarians

Express and Create

Evaluate and Critique



Signature Programme



1. General Music Programme

The General Music Programme is centred on listening, creating and performing. Weekly music lesson of 50 min duration, include keyboard playing, ukulele/guitar strum and sing, percussion drumming, composing & music arrangement.

Sec 2 Guitar Strum & Sing


Sec 1 Keyboard Playing


Sec 2 Jingle Advertisement


Sec 2 Rap Song


2. ICT Music

The extensive integration of ICT in the general music curriculum, pedagogy & assessment, aims to nurture our students' musical creativity and deepen their learning and engagement.

iBand Music Project


iBand digital music ensemble, enhances the learning of the 21st century skills; cultivating a student-centred collaborative learning, authentic learning experiences, strengthening communication skills and confidence.

3. School-Wide Music Programme

To foster creative expression and a sense of unity & school spirit, school-wide platforms provide an opportunity for the students to develop a passion for the performing arts beyond the classroom.


Certified by the Singapore Book of Records for most number of performers of the cup song rhythmic percussion, the school wide participation aimed to promote unity & perseverance, develop team building, creativity & coordination.

National Day Singathon


SG50 Inter-Class Song Writing Contest


Our school count down to National day with inter-class SINGATHON & Song writing projects during recess time. This project aims to celebrate the nation's birthday in a fun and engaging way, creating a greater promoting local songs and composing as well as promoting class bonding & spirit!

Launch of Steinway Piano Duet Performance


Cedar has been awarded a $26,000 Steinway Baby Grand Piano, in celebration of SG50 & in support of the Sing 50 Fund organised by The Straits Times & Business Times. The adoption of the Steinway would provide a continual development of our music programme, inspire our musical talents to reach higher grounds and also promoting Singapore’s music heritage.

Music Department website:-


2015, 1st & 3rd Prize SG50 Mobile Music Making Contest, Republic Poly https://youtu.be/R9SGLvuNCRY

2014, Finalists, Singapore Kindness Movement Song Writing Contest

A Little Kindness : https://youtu.be/xN9DS0x44tw

It All Starts with you: https://youtu.be/9ZlONvXUFEo

2014, 3rd prize Music Fiesta Original Song Writing Contest, S'pore Poly https://youtu.be/eGkzedn3Sok

2012, 1st prize Music Fiesta, Original Song Writing Contest


2012, 2nd prize, National Song Writing: The Originals IP Music Fiesta


2011, 1st Prize, Original IP Music Fiesta Song Writing Contest


2011, 3rd Prize, Original IP Music Fiesta Song Writing Contest


2010, Merit award, ECO Challenge, Song Writing Contest, National Environment Agency

The Arts Curriculum (Elective Module)

Subject Unit Signature Programme Pictures of your programme in action
Food and Consumer Education

Spice it up! Elective

This elective is designed to meet the theoretical and practical content requirements of requisition of a more advanced level of nutritional lifeskills for students.

Through this elective, students will be able to:
- Understand what is nutrition, balanced diet / healthy lifestyle and the need for it
- Compare and contrast the social, environmental influences and psychological roles of food
- Explain how informed choices may be made in planning meals for different groups of people, with relation to budget, personal preferences and environmental factors
- Experiment the how and why of cooking and the science of food
- Appreciate the diversity of food and its practices in Singapore (National Education)
- Learn hands-on practical skills for baking for oneself and family

Year 1 (2015) Spice it Up!

Snacks buffet spread by the students

Year 2 (2014) Spice It Up!

Birthday spread done by the students

Year 2 (2015) Spice It Up!

Showcase of creativity and cake decoration skills using fondant by the students

Visual Arts


The Typography programme involves learning about the basic understanding of typography and the principals of typeface through hands on activities. Students are encouraged to apply the skills they have learnt during Art lessons to create their word expressions.

Student designing their own typography using colour pencils and markers.

A work in progress of an A4 poster filled with the various typography designs.

Students working on their final A4 poster design using mainly typography.

Design and Technology

Robotics- building blocks education

It is all about Robotics being fun! Students are introduced to the world of robotics, programming and being creative with bulding blocks. They would need to solve problems using robotic simulation. All this is culminated into a presentation to their peers.

Students delving into the possibilities of building blocks

Students learning to animate their building blocks via program

Students presenting their creative solution to their peers.