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Our History

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Cedar Girls’ Secondary School was established in 1957 at its current premises in Sennett Estate. Initially housed in a three-storey classroom block with only 18 teachers, its humble beginnings did not stop Cedarians from achieving a reputation for excellence and discipline.

In 1992, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School became a single-session school, and in 1996, the school was accorded autonomous status. In 2012, in partnership with Victoria School and Victoria Junior College, the Victoria-Cedar Alliance was formed. Cedar Girls’ Secondary School became a dual-track school offering both the O-Level and the Integrated Programme. Having these two tracks allows Cedarians the opportunity to blossom and realise their fullest potential under an education programme that best suits their learning needs.

Cedar has been a pioneer in school-based social innovation, incorporating it into the curriculum through the Imagineering Programme and interdisciplinary project work. In 2017, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School launched the Centre for Social Innovation, which served as a nexus for social innovation – to inspire, create and share practices that will nurture mindsets and dispositions towards innovative solutions for social causes.