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Cedar in the News!

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Cedar retain national C Division crown

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Cedar retain national C Division crown
The New Paper, 17 April 2014, Page Sports 15

82.7% of the Students Achieved a Minimum Pass in at least 5 Subjects

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A Cedarian, Valliammai lMeena had done well in the 2013 O-level Examination. She will be continuing her education at Raffles Junior College. Meena attributed her success to her parents, teachers and friends who had supported her during her studies. Her biggest challenge in secondary school was the Malay Special Programme. She was able to overcome that due to her interest. After the examination in Nov 2013, she had a great sense of satisfaction with her overall performance.

“It does not matter where I am going to further my studies, but the fact that I put in my best effort for all the subjects I took, is most satisfying.”

Valliammai Imeena

Cedar Girls’ final full O-level cohort

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Cedar Girls’ final full O-level cohort
The Straits Times, 14 January 2014, Page A6

四德女中“传奇一班” 交出漂亮成绩单

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四德女中“传奇一班” 交出漂亮成绩单
联合早报, 14 January 2014, Pg 9


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联合早报, 31 July 2013, Pg 4

Seventh heaven for Lynette

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Seventh heaven for Lynette
The New Paper, 1 August 2013, Pg 53


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联合早报, 26 June 2013, Pg 6

Cedar-flavoured memories

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Cedar-flavoured memories
The Straits Times IN, 29 April 2013, Pg 12

Persevering Efforts Brought Success

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Azam pertingkat diri dorong kerja keras
Berita Harian, 10 January 2012, Pg 2

The desire to secure a good job in the future in order to furnish a better life for her family provided Nadiah Mohammad Nasir the drive that she needed to achieve one of the highest accolades by emerging amongst the top three Malay students during the recent GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations. Nadiah, who aspires to be an engineer, was determined to work hard in order to lighten the burden that her father, who works in cargo, carries to support the family of five. According to her father, Mohammad Nasir, Nadiah is a focused and independent learner who strives to do her best in everything she does. Her iron discipline, which she attributed to years of active involvement in her CCA, the National Cadet Corp (NCC), showed itself in the way she manages her time at home. Her daily routine includes revising at least one subject per day once she has completed her homework. Her hard work and perseverance paid off and she was rewarded with seven A1s and one A2 for her ‘O’ Levels, a pleasant surprise from her unsatisfactory performance in her prelim examinations.

Cedar Girls' Cut-off Point Increased by 1

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联合早报, 22 December 2011, Pg 5

Best of both worlds

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Cedar Girls' & Victoria School will offer both IP & O-level tracks next year
- They get best of both worlds
The New Paper, 23 December 2011, Pg 16

More schools to offer Integrated Programme


More schools to offer Integrated Programme
The Straits Times, 19 November 2011, Pg A3

On The Right Track To Lasting Values


On right track to lasting values
The New Paper, 15 October 2011, Pg 12

Cedar Girls' Official Opening Ceremony

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联合早报, 27 July 2011, Pg 13

The Originals IP Champion Music Fiesta 25 June 2011




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联合早报, 25 June 2011, Pg 18

Bringing Intellectual Property closer to the Youths
Perspectives from the local music industry

Singapore, 24 June 2011 – Some 145 secondary school students benefited from a practical hands-on experience about intellectual property (IP) in the music industry over a four-day camp, held in Singapore Polytechnic.

During the camp, participants aged 13-17 years old were able to harness their newfound knowledge and skills to create and perform original music compositions based on the theme, "What It Means to Be Original" in the first Originals IP Music Fiesta Song Composition Competition. After an intensive competition, the Guest of Honour, Ms Sim Ann, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Law presented the winning team comprising of Siti Rajagopal, Cheng Hoi Ting, Lidiya Bte Muhammad Hidir of Cedar Girls' School with the prestigious Minister for Law Challenge Trophy! The winning team will embark on a valuable two-week internship with renowned recording studio, Ocean Butterflies Music (OB) later this year. OB introduced famed local artistes such as JJ Lin and A-do and this internship will give the winners a valuable insight into the music industry in areas such as music recording, artistes' liaison and album marketing. Under the guidance of an industry mentor, they will also have the opportunity to refine their composition and record their song professionally in the OB's recording studios.

Extract from Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

Champion:Sita, Lidiya,Cheng Hoi Ting - Champion.mp4

2nd Runner Up:Dana Lim,Vanessa Goh,Angela Ho - 2nd Runner Up.mp4

National Cross-country 2011

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National Cross-Country 2011
The Straits Times, 24 March 2011, Pg B11

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