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E-Registration for 2022 Year 1 Students


Congratulations on your posting to Cedar Girls’ Secondary School. It will be a new phase of your development and we are honoured to have you as part of the Cedarian family.

(A) E-Registration 
Students do not need to report to Cedar Girls’ Secondary School physically on 23 Dec 2021. 
Please complete the online registration on 23 Dec by following the steps below.
Do note that the online form will be active on 23 Dec 8am to 5pm.
1. Go to https://go.gov.sg/cgss2022year1registration 
2. Complete all fields.

(B) Appeal Process
Please click on the following link: 

(C) Briefings

Address by Principal Mrs Chan-Tey Kah Hwee 

Address by Head of Department (MTL) Mdm Han Ai Ling 
Address by Head of Department (ICT) Ms Ng Pei Sun
Address by Year Head (Year 1 and 2) Mdm Nuraini Ismail
 Application for Art Elective Programme (AEP) and Music Elective Programme (MEP) Centres 2021

(D) Important Information for students

1. Reporting details for first week of school (4 Jan to 7 Jan)

4 Jan (Tue)

5 Jan (Wed)

6 Jan (Thu)

7 Jan (Fri)

Reporting Time




Reporting Venue

Respective Classrooms

Dismissal Time






Cedar PE shirt with Cedar school skirt

Cedar Full School Uniform

(Please bring along PE shirt)

*Students who have not managed to purchase Cedar school attire may wear their primary school attire.

Parents may drive into the school between 6.45 am and 6.30 pm to drop or pick up your daughter. At all times, parking and waiting in school is not allowed.

When driving in, please take the left most lane and follow the queue patiently. Your daughter can alight and be picked up anywhere between the Cedar Mary sign to the back of the General Office wherever it is safe to stop the car. 

(E) Live Q&A Session (via Zoom) 
Parents will be invited to attend a live interaction session via Zoom on 7 Jan 2022 (Fri) from 4 pm to 5.30 pm. Link to the session will be provided to you via your daughter’s student ICON email account. You may refer to the FAQ for more details. 
For any queries please call us at 62884909 or send an e-mail to cedargirlss@moe.edu.sg