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Cedar Girls’ PSG

Cedar Girls’ PSG

Partners in Education

Parent Support Group

Who are we?

We are the Parent Support Group of Cedar Girls’ Secondary School. Our mission is to support the school in the holistic development of our daughters so that they will grow into Leaders of Character.


Cedar Girls’ PSG aims to

Provide parents with an opportunity for greater awareness and understanding of the School's philosophy and thereby help parents better identify with our daughters in their experience in school.

Support the school with tangible assistance in the form of parents volunteering their time to organise and support School events.

Act as a platform for parents to bond over shared experiences.

What we do

Every year, Cedar Girls’ PSG plays an active role in the Schools' calendar of events:
  1. Participation in School events including Induction Day, Sports Day, Cedar Run, Teachers' Day and Speech Day.
  2. Organisation of parent-child bonding sessions, fun family outings, parent get-together sessions and parenting workshops.
  3. Running the Parent-Guardian programme which is a befriender programme where International scholars in the School are paired with a local family to help them adapt to life in Singapore.
  4. Organisation of the annual Youth Carnival Day which is a fun filled day for our daughters to celebrate, let loose and enjoy an array of games and food with their friends.

We welcome all Cedarian parents with the heart to serve, to get together, plan and organise programmes or simply join us for a great time at one of our activities. Through active participation in these events, the relationship between the school, the parents and our Cedarian daughters is strengthened.

Contact us

Get updated on PSG activities through our Facebook page www.facebook.com/cedarpsg/

For enquiries, please email us at cedarpsg@gmail.com


To support the school in the holistic development of all pupils and to nurture them to be Leaders of Character.


Partnering the School to Bring out the Best in Our Daughters


  • To support in the inculcation of school values. 
  • To leverage on the expertise and resources of parents for the benefit of the school community. 
  • To help foster a conducive environment for teaching & learning.
  • To support the School and its Programmes.
  • To represent the parent body and provide timely feedback to the school.
  • To help promote parental involvement in activities and bonding between parent and child.

Code of Conduct

  • Be a good role model for our daughters 
  • Treat fellow parents, staff and students with respect and fairness
  • Put the interest of the school above self interest 
  • Serve with Integrity

Organisation of Cedar Girls’ PSG

Organization chart.JPG

The Structure and Organisation of Cedar Girls’ PSG (PSG)

1.        All parents and guardians of the current pupils of Cedar Girls’ Secondary School are eligible to be members of the PSG by registration. All are also welcome to continue to be Friends of PSG even after their daughter/ward graduates from the school.  
2.        All PSG members and Friends of PSG who actively participate in activities and demonstrate passion, commitment, initiative and show leadership qualities may be invited by the school or the PSG Chairperson to join the Exco. The final approval will be given by the Principal.  
3.        The Exco comprises 25 to 30 parents and members of the school staff, such as the Principal, Vice-Principals and teachers who assume the role of Advisors and Coordinators.   
4.        Members are expected to serve in the Exco for a minimum period of 1 year.  
5.        At the end of each calendar year, all office bearers’ positions in the Exco are open for incumbent Exco members to take up through an election.  
6.        At the final PSG Exco meeting of the year, the PSG Exco will formally nominate and vote in the new Exco.  
7.        The position of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson(s) and Treasurer(s) can only be taken up by parent of a current pupil.     
8.        All Exco members are expected to head a sub-committee and lead in the organisation/coordination of at least one programme or activity, with the help of other parent volunteers.  
 9.        There will be an official PSG Exco meeting with school leaders once every term which all Exco members are expected to attend.  
 10.      The new Exco will set out the workplan for the following year in consultation with the school Advisors at the end of the year.  
 11.      All Exco members will also help ensure continuity in the leadership and actively encourage and recruit potential Exco members.


For any enquiries, please contact us at cedarpsg@gmail.com.