Imagineering Programme

Cedar Girls’ Secondary School has a rigorous and well grounded  academic programme that prepares our students for the emerging and changing needs of the world. The Imagineering Programme complements this with a focus on empathy-driven social innovations. Students are challenged to come up with these innovations using the Design Thinking framework and tools taught to them over their four years. Cedarians have the opportunity to work on different projects depending on their areas of interest and readiness.
Level 1Our level 1 students, begin by identifying the needs of their immediate community who are familiar to them such as their family, peers and young children.
Level 2Our level two students are encouraged to identify specific areas of needs within the community and suggest a concern they would like to help alleviate or raise.
Level 3As they mature, our level 3 students are challenged to study key trends in the world, make observations and draw connections between the world they currently live in and suggest some possible problems and/or modifications for a future world
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