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Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance Plan for Students

This is a Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance which covers death, permanent and total/partial disability and medical expenses due to an accident. The proximate or triggering causes of injuries must be reasonably attributed to an accident.

1)     submit child’s claim via the insurer’s website online portal at ‘https://studentgpa.incomegroupins.com.sg/#/’ and you can also check the claim status in this portal.

2)     ensure accident event must be due to school related activities or event as stated in the policy coverage.

3)     ensure payee is student’s parent/guardian and is above 21 years’ old.

4)     claim payment to be made to parent’s/guardian’s bank account no. preferred (Reimbursement will be faster than Cheque).

5)     ensure all details in the claim form are accurate and complete, including contact no. and email address of the parent/guardian.

6)     ensure bills/invoices submitted are final and fully settled (i.e. no further outstanding).

Click here for the insurance fact sheet with summary of claims procedures. As MOE is advocating paperless and saving our environment, please submit your claims, via e-claim submission.