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Test and Examination Policy

Tests and examinations are integral in helping the school assess a student’s academic ability. The standard of each assessment is calibrated to challenge and ensure that students attain an expected standard for each subject area.  A student’s overall academic performance is determined based on a set of planned Continuous Assessments (CA) throughout the year, as well as the Semestral Examinations (SA) at mid-year and end of year.  To obtain a true reflection of a student’s academic performance, every student needs to uphold moral integrity. 


Our strict examination procedures are adopted from the guidelines given by the MOE Cambridge G.C.E O-level Examinations.  Any attempt to cheat, forge documents or make alterations will be taken seriously, with the necessary consequences meted out.  The following states some general rules for tests and examinations:


(a) For class tests / continuous assessments

  • A medical certificate must cover absence from tests and examinations.  (Only medical certificates from doctors registered with the Singapore Medical Council will be accepted).  In the event that absence from tests and examinations is not validated by a medical certificate, a zero mark will be assigned.  Requests for an alternative date (only for those with valid medical certificates) for any missed class test is to be initiated by the student on her return to school the next day


  • In the event that a student is unwell and has a medical certificate to validate her absence, it is not advisable for her to attend school just to take a test/examination on that day.  She is expected to rest as recommend by her physician


(b) For examinations

  • Students are to report for morning flag-raising assembly (by 7.25 am) every examination day in full uniform
  • Books, files, bags, approved handphones, etc, are to be left outside the examination room
  • All stationery items are to be placed in a clear plastic case
  • Students are to keep silent once they enter the examination room
  • Students will sit in rows according to the class register number or exam index number
  • Mistakes should be cancelled neatly and the desired answer is to be written above the cancellation. Correction tape or correction fluid should not be used 
  • In the event that a student is absent from an examination, there will be no re-scheduling of the exam paper