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Attendance Policy

The staff of Cedar works hard to design interesting and relevant programmes so that learning is meaningful and ignites the passion for learning in our students.  Students can only benefit fully from these programmes by being present, punctual and participating actively in all school programmes.  Parents are to note the start and end dates of each term in the academic year.  All students are expected to be present and to attend lessons during term time, and all other school activities that have been planned for them.


A student’s attendance and punctuality are recorded in her academic report as the number of school days present, excused absence, unexcused absence and instances of late coming.  Examples of excused absence include medical leave (only medical certificates from a doctor registered with the Singapore Medical Council are accepted), urgent medical or dental appointments, external examinations, court proceedings, death in family and other leave of absence approved by the Principal.


If a student is unwell, she must see a doctor and obtain a medical certificate to validate her absence from school on that day.  The school will accept only Medical Certificates from general practitioners, the polyclinic and other medical institutions (doctors registered with the Singapore Medical Council) for cases where the student is absent due to health/medical reasons.  We understand that a student may not fully recover after the one day of medical leave given by the doctor.  In such instances, the school will accept a letter from the parent to explain the student’s second or third day of absence from school, provided that the first day of absence is supported by a medical certificate.  The school will accept up to five letters from parents, to explain instances of students’ absence from school in each academic year.


All documents to validate a student’s absence from school must be submitted to the Form Teacher immediately, once the student returns to school.


It is the responsibility of a student to be disciplined and come to school every day.  Each student is required to tap in to register her attendance at the attendance kiosk upon arrival in school every morning, and to tap out when she leaves.  If a student has difficulty tapping in or has misplaced her ez-link/Smart card, she must complete and submit the appropriate forms (Form A or Form B) to the General Office by 7.30 am. We expect each student to display integrity and personal accountability in registering her own attendance in school every day.  Each student should only tap in her own attendance with her own ez-link/Smart card.


Consequences for misuse of ez-link/Smart card in registering attendance are:

  • 1st offence: parents informed of student’s offence. Character Education (CE) grade downgraded

  • 2nd offence: conduct recorded in Report book / Prelim Results slip

  • 3rd offence: conduct recorded in testimonial


Parents are to call the school office (Tel: 62884909) by 8.30 am on the same day of absence to notify the school of the student’s absence.  Failure to notify or validate absence upon return to school may be treated as truancy and appropriate consequences will be meted out.  Truancy is thus defined as:

  • Unreported absence
  • Absence without valid reason
  • Not attending classes or scheduled activities in school (including remedial and enrichment lessons, CCA, Reflective Thinking Programme (RTP) or detention)


(a) Late coming

A student should be with her class at the Courtyard by 7.25 am for the morning assembly.  The morning bell for school to commence will be at 7.30 am.  The school’s main gate will be closed at 7.30 am and students arriving in school after this time will be considered late.  The Form Teacher will note all instances of late coming.


Consequences for late coming are:

  • 3rd time : Parents informed of student’s conduct by Form Teacher

  • 4th time : Dialogue with Form Teacher(s)

  • 5th time : 1st warning letter sent to parents to notify them of student’s late coming. CE grade downgraded

  • 6th time : 2nd warning letter sent to parents to notify them of student’s persistent late coming. Conduct reflected in Report book/Prelim Results Slip



(b) Early Leave from School

All students are expected to remain in school until they are officially dismissed.  Permission to leave school before the official dismissal time will only be granted in the following instances:


•   The student is unwell.  She should go to the Recovery Room.  Staff from the General Office will determine whether to send her home.  They will assist the student by informing members of the family to pick her up or arrange to bring her home from school

•   The student has urgent personal matters to attend to or needs to leave early for any other reason during curriculum time.  She must seek approval from the General Office Reception Counter.  Only the Principal, Vice-Principal, HOD, AM or OM can authorize such leave.  The form “Permission to leave school early” must be duly completed and signed, and handed over to the security guard at the main gate before leaving the school premises.  The school reserves the right to grant leave on a case-by-case basis

•   The student is representing the school in a game, competition or official function: she may leave class only at the time stated in the early departure form that is prepared by the teacher-in-charge of the activity


(c) Flag Raising Ceremony

The daily practice of singing the National Anthem, School Song and reciting the pledge are ways we seek to inculcate and demonstrate our value of “Love for School and Nation”.  It is a solemn start to the school day reminding us of the ideals we stand for and values we should live by.  All students are to attend this ceremony with respect and pride.  Form teachers will note the class attendance after the flag raising ceremony.  Students are to:


  • Line up in 2 straight lines according to their class index numbers as shown in the attendance register
  • Stand at attention. Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the pledge with their right fist placed over the heart.
  • Pay attention when announcements are made
  • Proceed to class in an orderly and quiet manner after the ceremony


(d) Assembly

There will be assembly every alternate Wednesday in the Cedar Hub.  The school commits a large amount of resources in designing special programmes to make these sessions meaningful, enriching and engaging for the students.  It is the school’s expectations that students have a positive attitude to learn and participate wholeheartedly as an audience.  For school assembly, Cedarians should:


  • Proceed to the hall quickly in a quiet and orderly manner

•    Sit according to their numbers in the attendance register

•    Pay attention and refrain from speaking loudly

•    Respect the speaker or presenters by being a good audience

  • Leave the Cedar Hub quietly class by class after the assembly